If you are thinking about traveling the beautiful country of Iceland then don’t think any longer, purchase your ticket immediately you won’t regret it. I purchased a ticket for two weeks rented a camper-van and had some of the best experiences of my life, here is how my journey went.


I had quite a hard time deciding on what vehicle to get being that I was traveling in the end of winter, but I still ended up with a two wheel drive van and was completely fine the entire trip even with the whole highway not being paved!


 Fuel was a bit expensive but splitting it between three made it not to bad spending just around 150 dollars each for a 900 mile drive, so I would recommend bringing a friend or two.


We began driving the ring road in the beginning of March and immediately after leaving the airport I realized this trip would be like no other.


 Stopping almost every ten minutes to look at another unbelievable sight, waterfalls, cliffs and beautiful glaciers as far as the eye can see! That even barely scratches the surface of what you can experience in this country.


I recommend checking the weather as often as possible clear sky’s mean a good chance of seeing the northern lights, and let me tell you that is definitely something that needs to be on your bucket list if it is not already!


I was a little upset the first half of the trip having such crazy unpredictable weather thinking I may not have the chance to see them but sure enough we lucked out and had clear sky’s for a few nights, we stayed up into the late hours of the night in the freezing cold watching the sky light up!


Iceland is a place unlike any other, so when you go make sure to pack a few extra pair of cloths due to rain out of no where or running under the biggest waterfall you can find lol! If you looking to save a few bucks eat at grocery stores as much as possible don’t go out to eat! And finally make sure not to do any driving at night because I promise you, you are going to drive by something that you would have wished you could have stopped at. We finished the ring road in only 8 days with plenty of extra time to spare for other activities! So if your looking for a good old fashioned road trip with guaranteed laughs and unbelievable sight seeing this is the trip for you!

Click the link below to watch my short film of my epic adventure around Iceland


Pushing the limits


(Lilly Bluff, Obed Scenic River, Tennessee)

Being a motivated individual I find myself jumping on any opportunity for a new adventure, to get another chance to see yet one more place on our amazing planet.


(Petrified forest Arizona)

A friend of mine moved 3500 miles away from our home town and needed some assistance, he needed someone to drive one of his vehicles to his new home in Pennsylvania. The only thing that went through my head was United States road trip I’m in! Accompanied by another great friend we began scouting a route for our epic journey and before no time we where on our way!


(Ozone Falls Tennessee)

We had a total of 6 days to make it across the US with a 56 hour drive, and a plane ride home. We knew we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to explore but knew we would make the best of it.


(Petrified Forest Arizona)

We each decided on a few places that we where driving by along the way that we needed to see. A few of these spots included the Grand Canyon, Petrified forest, Ozone falls. Throughout our journey we met some great people and scratched a few things off our bucket list of things to do in our lifetime. All and all it was a great experience and I can not wait to get back out on the road again for a extended period of time!


(Arkansas Sunrise)


How to live your dream!

I often find myself thinking, “I would love to quit my job and travel the world.” As much as I would love for that to be a reality, it’s a lot easier said than done. I am 23 years old and, as many can relate, work a minimum wage job that leaves little excess cash (or time) to fulfill my dreams of world travel. Still, I refuse to let this stop me; I had to figure out a way to carry out my dreams. It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t need to quit my job to live a awesome life. All it takes is a little time management, a bit of preparation, a small amount of cash, and a somewhat reliable vehicle– and you are all set!


This week, I was lucky to have a three-day weekend, but had planned to spend one day doing a photo shoot. Unfortunately, the photo shoot was cancelled, but I was determined to not let my weekend go to waste. I wanted to use this chunk of time in the best way possible, and what better way than a road trip- first stop, Yosemite! After viewing some amazing landscapes, I headed out to Taft point to watch the sunset. Coincidentally, I ran into some awesome people who had a high line set, and it didn’t take long for them to offer to let me join. I couldn’t imagine a better way to start off my three-day weekend.


We decide to drive down through the valley and return to the car to continue our journey elsewhere. While gazing up at the massive walls that envelope us as we enter the valley, I noticed little dots scattered all over the rocks. Eventually, I realize that all those dots are climbers in hanging tents after a long day of climbing El Captain! We continued our drive through most of the night and after finally catching a few z’s, we woke up to a truly amazing sight.


Finally, we made it to Convict Lake! We ate breakfast and began to wander around, in awe of our surroundings. Soon after, we found boat rentals for little to nothing and couldn’t resist taking a trip on the water. After spending some time in the refreshing pools of Convict Lake, we were back on the road.


On our way, we decided to make a quick pit stop at some natural hot springs called Hot Creek. I was so pleased that we had pulled over to check out this amazing place.


We made it to our next stop, Alabama Hills, just before dark. We quickly threw together our packs and made a quick hike out the famous arch. After a view that was definitely worth the hike, we make our way back to the car to make camp and call it a night.


The rain woke us up early and we pondered what to do on our last day. We agreed to take quite the detour on our 10+ hour drive home, so we could see the wonders of the one and only Death Valley. All in all, I couldn’t believe how many amazing places to explore there are within driving distance from my own home. The next time you see a few days off on your work calendar, don’t just sit around and complain about how boring life can be- wishing you could be like everyone else you see all over social media. Take advantage of that time, get out there, and do something epic.



PNW worst place to visit?

Living in the pacific north west I have been exposed to many of its negatives and let me tell you in a few paragraphs just why. First things first, besides your small hole in the wall bar the night life is a bit sad, constantly asking myself what is there to do tonight? Oh I think I will just sit at home and watch Netflix or go through Instagram and Facebook one too many times because who would ever want to do a full moon hike to the top of Mount Lassen, Or even take a really boring drive to the top of Mount Bally to watch the meteor shower.


The next big issue I would like to address is the weather. You could start off in a town like Redding where temperatures can reach up to a unbearable 115 at times leaving you with absolutely nothing to do except sit at home to try and think of somewhere near by that might give you some relief from the blistering hot sun.

burney - stand by me-5

Then you decide to go a little further north to try to escape from the heat because you couldn’t find anywhere near by that would fix your problems. So next thing you know after a short drive you have reached the Oregon border where you will find rain/snow and most likely nothing that will interest you. For example who would ever want to spend a weekend skiing on mount Bachelor or even white water rafting down the klamath river.


The last thing that I extremely dislike would be how hard it is to just get away. Finding any near by hiking trails or a place that you just can have all to yourself is most likely impossible, and as soon as your sure your alone your not.

birthday weekend-14

I log on to my social media pages every day and can almost guarantee that I will see a post that is negative towards the place I live (PNW). Its sad that the general public choose not to open their eyes to the beauty thats truly lies within arms reach.

big kick-1-2

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5 Reasons to visit Yosemite


(Valley view)


First things first if your a climber I shouldn’t even have to begin to explain to you why going to Yosemite should be on your bucket list of places to visit. Although I didn’t do to much climbing the one and only time I was there I left wanting to climb more than I ever had before, getting to see the massive walls and famous climbs had me itching to return home to work on my climbing skills, one day hopefully getting the chance to climb one of these unbelievable multi pitch routes.


(Half Dome)


If you like a good adrenaline rush every now and again, I think you could get your fix in while your visiting this awesome place. Im not sure if I would recommend getting this close to the edge of these 2000+ foot cliffs but if you do you sure won’t be upset. Over looking the valley floor from above, looks as if you are looking at a fake back drop



(Glacier Point)


If you have not had a chance to see any wildlife in your lifetime I would be willing to bet that you will get to see some unbelievable animals while you are here.




I’m fortunate enough to live in a small enough town that a little 5 minute drive I can find skies that resemble this, but for most of you living in big cities you don’t get to see it quite the same as I, so while your there make it a point one night to stay up a little later than normal and do some star gazing. Having very little light pollution from any cities causes the sky to look beautiful, being able to see the milky way and plenty of shooting stars with the naked eye this is not something you want to miss.


(Tunnel view)


There are an unbelievable amount of waterfalls in the area some you might not even have to leave your car to see. Not that I recommend staying in your car, because the best ones are just a short hike away.


(Vernal Falls)


(Upper Yosemite Falls)


(Lower Yosemite Falls)


Roots Juice Bar


Summer has officially begun and our friends over at Roots Juice Bar decided to go out and celebrate.


Owner Ricky Rothman treated myself and all of his employees for a day out on shasta lake with the Jetovator team. What a experience getting to ride these flying bikes around the lake all day, and talk about a adrenaline rush flying upwards of 20 plus feet in the air and unintentionally plummeting back into the water.



Joey Natale with the Jetovator team showing us how its really done.



Great food, awesome company, jet skis, flying bikes and wake surfing is a small list of activities done through out the rest of the day. Unfortunately this day did have to come to a end, but summer has just begun. I look forward to the rest of the adventures summer brings us and hope to spend as much of it as i can with these great people.


Thanks again ricky for such a great day.


Columbia River Gorge

birthday weekend-14

My girlfriend lives in Oregon and I live in California, which means we don’t always get to see each other all the time. The way our schedules worked out this year, we ended up missing each others birthdays, so we decided to spend a weekend in adventuring in Oregon to celebrate our special days.


There are 77 waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River alone, so it was tough to decide which few waterfalls to visit. We only had one day out of our busy weekend to spend exploring, so we decided to make to most of our time and pick locations that had shorter trails to the waterfalls. We ended up making it to four different waterfalls and the Columbia River Gorge in just one day. birthday weekend-1Wahclella Falls


Multnomah  Falls

birthday weekend-8


Elowah Falls


Horsetail Falls

All and all we had a great weekend rock climbing, zip lining and touching a very little amount of the Columbia river. I can’t wait go back and explore the rest of what great places Oregon has to offer.